OPSEC Bible: What it takes to be Secure?

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This will give you a foundational knowledge & setup for a secure digital environment.

Why privacy matters?

  1. Lower spam calls/emails.
  2. Lower frauds/smaller threat surface.
  3. Ever been to China? It sucks big time when government knows your every move.
  4. Your ex GF/BF is less likely to harm you.
  5. Data Breaches will happen, If you have better habits your data won't leak.
  6. Your employer is less likely to take advantage of you.
  7. Your identity is important, bad actors will use it if you don't protect it.

Step-by-step guide to setup Private digital Infra.

You will get a checklist divided into tiers, just apply whatever meets your requirements. Protocols including metadata removal, ad blocking, and more included.

First few pages will list down all the things you need to do NOW and how to approach them. Next few pages will give you in detail, to-the-point tier system that you will use to setup more walls to your digital castle.

Guides like how to Compartmentalize, encrypt emails and steps to take if burned included.

I have added the apps and tools that I personally use on Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and IOS to maximize my productivity and security. The eBook also contain all the services I recommend and crypto tools I use.

How much time will this need?

Its a gradual process to change your habits and staple apps, it may take a few days or weeks depending on your current digital setup. But it will pay dividends all your life. Just devote 30 minutes a day and you can change high priority (tier 0) stuff in a few days.

Can I be private even if I have been sharing a lot online?

Yes! Start by searching your name on google and delete stuff. It will take some time but gradually you will have a lower threat surface. On the side you can start implementing new habits from this guide and migrating to privacy respecting services. It will not be a one day / one sitting thing but once you are all setup you will never fear a thing online and you will be set for life.

I am not tech-savvy, will this work?

Yes, I have provided links and explanations wherever possible so you can refer that. You can always use google brave search to learn about new stuff. The world is moving to the cyber space, its always better to be ready for it.

Is Privacy a lost battle?


Governments/Interpol is after me, will this work?

No. you should consult your security advisors ser.

Who is this guide not for?

People who are looking for a way to get secure quick or something to magically be private with no effort.

BONUS #1: Misc. tricks of the trade.

BONUS #2: Physical Security training regime.

You’ll get all the updates for life at zero extra cost.

Grab fast as price will only increase, as I keep adding more stuff to it.

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Last updated Mar 27, 2024

To-the-Point Tier System

Misc. tricks of the trade
Tools to maximise Productivity
for every OS
Physical Security
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OPSEC Bible: What it takes to be Secure?

6 ratings
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